Why choose our Perth SEO Agency?

There are tens of thousands of SEO and internet marketing sites out there, and as someone who is starting to make a run in the online business, it is quite a bit daunting to find someone you can entrust your company with for an online venture and invest your money. The search can very stressful, and narrowing down your options can be more demanding, as there are definitely lots of things you need to consider.


So what type of company should you really look for? Here are 5 of the most important qualities an SEO firm should possess to be labeled "good."

Honest - By far, this is the most important quality that should stand out when you search for SEO firms for your online business. Last thing you want for your growing business is to be scammed or tricked by a dishonest SEO company. Don't be fooled by companies claiming they can give you the top ranking in organic results search because they have a good business relationship with search engine.

Search engine giants, particularly Google, don't befriend any internet marketing company. Rather than looking for a guaranteed spot, look for the firm's experience, their present visibility in the search engine and how they've managed to help other online businesses. You should have a good feeling working with the company.

Ethical - Many SEO companies out there still use the so called "Black Hat" strategies, which are considered banned techniques for optimization. These techniques may have worked a couple of years ago, but with search engine's updates in their algorithms, particularly Google Panda and Google Penguin, these techniques don't have any room anymore. To make things worse, these techniques are counterproductive to your goals, as search engines nowadays are very strict with their optimization guidelines, and they suspend or even ban websites for good after doing black hat techniques.

Realistic - This factor goes with the first thing in this list (honesty). Some firms out there claim they provide services that will catapult your website from nowhere to the first page of SERP (search engine results page) in your chosen keywords and drive hundreds of thousands of traffic to your site per week in just a matter of a couple of months. If you're relatively new to online business, you better not believe in these promises. SEO and internet marketing takes time, it's not an overnight magic. You need to establish your new, your company's brand, and your reputation to tap your target audience. And all this takes the right team with the right skills and the right strategy.

Experience - Obviously, you don't want to risk to future of your online business in the hands of the amateurs. You need experienced professionals that have tested-and-proven skills and reputable portfolio to handle your internet marketing and SEO needs. Look for the company's credentials and consider the comments of their previous clients. Our company is a sister company from the leading SEO company in Sydney: Digital Marketing Shop.

The main goal of World Wide Web is linking people and often this is known as the Social Media Optimization. At present increasingly SEO Companies are providing both SMO as well as SEO services. Find a reputed SEO company that has an excellent understanding of internet and the SMO, which offers an excellent SEO service that goes with your needs.

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